Censoring Covid: Cui Bono?

 Censoring Covid. Cui Bono? Who benefits from twisting the Covid tale?

There’s an ever-growing cohort of increasingly desperate Covid long-haulers, many affected for over two years, having difficult legal conversations about medical early retirement and independence payment support. They need answers, treatments – and to know that we take the situation sufficiently seriously to stop creating more cases. Where’s the herd immunity? Danny Altmann, Professor of Immunology, Imperial College London.

Our media and governments sustain the official Covid narrative with clever timing, artful framing, diligent suppression, barefaced omission, ingenious manipulation, and flat out lies. It’s propaganda on a global scale but one must wonder why they’re censoring Covid. Cui Bono?Who on earth benefits from such an approach? Certainly not ordinary Americans. We spent more on vaccinating ourselves than everyone, and are benefiting least of anyone

Ignoring the alternative hypothesis

Though, as we shall see, Covid-19 probably reached China after Europe and the US, our media established the narrative, “It originated in China,” bare hours after China announced its discovery but, says Yale’s Jeffrey Sachs, ‘scientific’ studies supporting the official view, that Covid came from animals in a Wuhan market, were faked. “The funny thing is those scientists who are saying that now said the same thing on February 4, 2020, before they had done any research. And they published the same statement in March 2020, before they had any facts at all. So they’re creating a narrative. And they’re denying the alternative hypothesis without looking closely at it”. 


After the Censoring Covid: Cui Bono?narrative stigmatized China (‘Wuhan virus’), it promoted high-tech American vaccines as a panacea, but hostility to learning about the virus baffled the medical community. In January, 2020, two weeks after the WHO’s first Covid warning, a UW professor of  infectious diseases asked permission to use ongoing flu testing to monitor for the virus. Federal officials refused, repeatedly and, when she persisted, issued a cease-and-desist order. When fifty-seven personnel arrived at a Nebraska military base from Wuhan, local infectious disease specialist Dr. James Lawler asked to test them for Covid. The CDC refused and continues doing so in 2022. When The Lancet’s Covid Commission enquired about the CDC’s research program on SARS-like viruses, the NIH refused to discuss it or release information, and continues to block a WHO inspection like China’s.


Even when NIH scientists published results are at odds with the official narrative, the media simply ignore them and apply Covid censorship. Brazilian virologists found Covid antibodies from November 2019, Spanish virologists found them from March 2019, the WHO in Milan in November 2019, and Italians even found one in September, 2019. France found an indigenous outbreak in 2019, and military athlete Elodie Clouvel and her boyfriend caught Covid at the Wuhan military games. Dozens of Virginians and Marylanders died from a still-unexplained respiratory outbreak with Covid symptoms. After the Mayo Clinic ruled out vaping as a cause of death in the EVALI ‘vaping’ epidemic, media dropped the story, though all the deceased had Covid symptoms. Belleville, NJ, Mayor Michael Melham was seropositive in November, 2019, and so were thousands of others, according to their testimonies. 

There’s no shortage of smoking guns: when twenty-seven CDC scientists analyzed archived Red Cross blood taken back in December, 2019, they found 1% – 4% of Americans Covid seropositive, which qualifies it as an endemic infection. The CDC certified the world’s first Covid death because it occurred in America, not China. And the WHO has abandoned its search for Patient X, always the first step in tracing virus’ origins.


Herd immunity has been the West’s default policy since the Plague of Constantine (though whether it is applicable to Covid is an open question). Historically, when plagues arrived, nobles called in the priests then retreated to their hunting lodges until herd immunity was established. Says former UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, “I distinctly remember going to a [February, 2020] meeting at the Cabinet Office, where we got a lecture about herd immunity. It was absurd that actually you would build up herd immunity by allowing people to die. So, while the government was going into eugenic formulas, they were not making adequate preparations”. The West’s default policy has remained benign neglect, especially after Swine Flu vaccinations failed disastrously

Since they had helped write it, American, Chinese, and EU public health officials recommended following the WHO’s epidemic playbook and, initially, both governments tried to do so. But in the US, pre-existing lack of trust in government, combined with mixed messages, political squabbling, incompetence, and a dearth of useful information eroded the program.

Then came the interesting part, where we ask again, Censoring Covid: cui bono?

As deaths began to rise again, silently and smoothly, the narrative became ‘Covid is ‘over’. With zero discussion, ‘we’ have accepted the fact that 100,000 annual, excess Covid deaths is OK, while China’s approach is ignored or vilified.

Global, industrial-grade, heavy-duty, Covid censorship. Censoring Covid: cui bono?

Censor covid

The ‘vaccine’ narrative

From beginning to now, Covid censorship has stayed laser-focused on vaccination, ignoring its serious side effects, that it doesn’t stop infection or transmission, has to be taken before infection, and is efficacious so briefly that the CDC no longer regards it as significant: “COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur, though they are generally mild, and persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection”. 

Today, oblivious to the CDC’s defeat by Covid, the narrative promotes a pharmacopeia of vaccinations–despite their obvious lack of efficacy–without investigating better ways to contain the virus. Front-line clinicians are still ignored, serious policy discussions are still absent, alternatives left unexplored

Innocent Explanation?

There must be compelling reasons for Western governments and media to collude and, as Jeffrey Sachs puts it, deny the alternative hypothesis without even examining it. But Cui bono

Meanwhile, we are participating in the largest human experiment ever, entirely without reliable information, the outcome of which will  determine how humanity responds to future epidemics, and even alter national hierarchies.


Godfree wrote Why China Leads the World: Talent at the Top, Data in the Middle, Democracy at the Bottom, and publishes the newsletter, Here Comes China.


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