Profiting from Covid-19 in China

Profiting from Covid-19 in China:

American supremacy in the world since the Second World War has been rooted in its unique capacity to get things done internationally by persuasion or by the threat or use of force. But the inability of Washington to respond adequately to Covid-19 shows that this is no longer the case and crystallises a perception that American competence is vanishing. The change in attitude is important because of superpowers, such as the British Empire. The Soviet Union in the recent past or the US today, depend on a degree of the bluff.

Profiting from Covid-19 in China cannot afford to put their all-powerful image to the test too often because they cannot be seen to fail: So, an exaggerated picture of British strength was shattered by the Suez Crisis in 1956, as was that of the Soviet Union by the war in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Patrick Coburn

Ten years ago the Great Financial Crisis sent the US backwards diplomatically, economically and reputationally and we never really recovered

It’s happening again. When the dust settles from the current epidemic our economy will be weaker, our reputation will be lower, and our faith in our government will be rock bottom low.

China, on the other hand, will leap ahead

Public relations: in Europe, public mood shifting away from NATO to China

– So, Credibility loss of the US mainstream media.

– Economy: Boeing bailout, many US and EU corporations will go bankrupt.

– Recession/ depression in EU / US

Civil Defene: Valerie Van Kerckhove:

I actually find the response by the Chinese government to be extremely interesting. So, it seems like it’s overblowing the matter on purpose. Considering the low number of cases (compared to China’s population) and low death rates it feels like the Chinese government is overblowing fears on purpose, with maps filled with dark areas and shutting down everything everywhere (and this is during China’s most important holiday season).

I suspect it’s practising for when a Really serious disease breaks out, the sort with people dying like flies. So I find all this fuss quite interesting. We’ve been warned about a potential superbug outbreak for years, and now we can see how the response will look like. No doubt the Chinese government is busy taking notes on what it could have done better.

China Huawei and the Next Revolution

Not to mention, I don’t think most Westerners realize just how big Wuhan is, just how significant Chinese New Year is in terms of people moving around and just how many people go in and out of those wet markets every day. That’s like, tens of thousands of people leaving the wet markets, taking public transport then going home to expose all their visiting relatives, and all those people, in turn, going to all sorts of crowded areas too. With a high enough contagion rate, we’d easily be at 1 million infected. Therefore, the fact that we haven’t reached such numbers means that this virus isn’t That bad.

Logistics. Continuity. How China’s chip industry defied the coronavirus lockdown

No wasteful stimulus. No reduction of interest rates,

DIPLOMACY: China contributes to global efforts of fighting COVID-19

Notice concerning Promoting the Accelerated Development of 5G Rogier Creemers,

Posted on March 24, 2020 Updated on March 26, 2020

MIIT Communications No. (2020)49

All provincial, autonomous regions, municipal, plan-listed city and Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps controlling departments for industry and information technology, and wireless communications management bodies, all provincial, autonomous region and municipal telecommunications management bureaus, China Telecom Group Co. Ltd., China Mobile Telecommunications Group Co. So, the Ltd., China Unicom Telecommunications Group Co. Ltd., China Tower Co. Ltd., China Broadcast Network Co. So, Ltd.:

In order to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech concerning promoting the accelerated development of 5G networks, forcefully advance 5G network construction, usage, popularization, technology development and security protection, give full rein to the effects of scale and driving role of new 5G infrastructure, and support high-quality economic development, hereby, related matters are notified as follows:

I, Arrangements for accelerating 5G network construction

(1) Accelerating the pace of 5G network construction. Basic telecommunications enterprises must further optimize work processes such as equipment purchasing, survey and design, engineering and construction, etc., grasp project deadlines, and eliminate the influence of the novel coronavirus to the greatest extent.

[We will] support basic telecommunications enterprises to take standalone networks as the objective, and control. But, the scale of non-standalone network construction, accelerate the pace of network construction. But, In major cities, and progressively expand coverage to focus counties and towns meeting conditions.

(2) Expanding support for base station location resources. Therefore, local governments are encouraged to enter location resources required for 5G network construction and other supplementary facilities into all levels’ land use plans, and strictly implement matters in a controlled manner through detailed plans.

when newly building or renovating projects such as public transport, public venues, park areas, buildings, etc. Comprehensively consider the requirements for 5G station locations; accelerate the opening up and sharing of social station location resources in the power network. So, Transportation, public security, municipal administration, education, healthcare and other such public facilities.

In regions with great support strength, basic telecommunications enterprises must expand investment, and optimize the deployment of 5G construction.

(3) Strengthening power and frequency guarantees. Basic telecommunications enterprises are supported in strengthening linkages with power enterprises. Therefore, Base stations, machine buildings and other such supplementary facilities meeting conditions will accelerate the transformation from indirectly supplied power to directly supplied power; vigorously launch network greening transformations, accelerate the spread of advanced energy-saving technologies and applications.

Adjust 700MHz frequency band use plans, and accelerate the implementation of 5G frequency use licensing in the 700 MHz band; publish partial 5G millimetre wave frequency band use plans in a timely manner, launch research for a specialized frequency plan for the 5G sector (including the Industrial Internet), implement technology trial frequency licenses in a timely manner. Further complete interference coordination work between medium-band 5G base stations and terrestrial satellite stations, and other such wireless stations (facilities).

(4) Advancing network sharing and cross-network roaming. Further deepen joint construction and sharing of towers, indoor distribution systems, pylon lines, pipelines and supplementary equipment.

Guide basic telecommunications enterprises to strengthen coordination and cooperation, give full rein to market mechanisms. Integrate and optimize resources, launch 5G network sharing and cross-network roaming, accelerate. The creation of a network structure with multiple network coexistence in hotspot locations, and a single-network baseline. In border and remote regions, forge 5G networks with intensively used resources and high-efficiency operations.

II, Enriching the vista for 5G technology application

(5) Fostering novel consumption models. Basic telecommunications enterprises are encouraged by stimulating. 5G terminal consumption and accelerate user migration to 5G through measures such as menu upgrade discounts, purchasing devices on credit, etc. Popularize applications such as 5G+VR/AR, competition broadcasts, games and entertainment. Virtual purchasing, etc., to stimulate the consumption of new kinds of information.

Basic telecommunications enterprises, radio and television media enterprises and content providers., etc. Are encouraged to strengthen coordination, and enrich new kinds of multimedia content sources such as 4K/8K. VR/AR etc., in areas such as education, media, entertainment, etc.

(6) Promoting innovation and development of “5G+healthcare and health”. Launch the construction of smart 5G healthcare systems. Therefore, build smart 5G healthcare demonstration networks and healthcare platforms, accelerate the application and popularization of 5G. In areas such as early epidemic warning, pre-hospital first aid, long-distance healthcare, smart image-assisted diagnosis, etc.

Further, optimize and popularize the excellent application of 5G in counterattacking the novel coronavirus epidemic. Popularize services such as long-distance examinations, diagnosis and healthcare assistance, etc., and stimulate healthcare resource sharing.

(7) Implementing the “5G+industrial Internet” 512 Project. Forge five industrial public service platforms, build innovation carriers and public service capacity; accelerate the preliminary application of “5G+industrial Internet” in vertical areas, intranet construction and transformation are to cover 10 focus sectors; forge a batch of “5G+industrial Internet” intranet construction and transformation model networks and template projects, create at least 20 large-scale industrial application settings.

Make breakthroughs in a batch of key 5G technologies aimed at specific needs of the industrial Internet, clearly enhance the capacity of “5G+industrial Internet” to support the industrial base, and stimulate the converged and innovative development of “5G+industrial Internet”.

(8) Stimulating the coordinated development of “5g+Internet of cars”. Therefore, promote the entry of the Internet of cars into national novel information infrastructure construction projects, and stimulate the deployment of LTE-V2X at scale. Build national-level Internet of cars initiation regions, enrich application settings, and explore and perfect commercial model.

Integrate the commercial deployment of 5G with guiding advance planning in focus areas, strengthen cross-departmental coordination, and promote the entry of 5G and LTE-V2X into important telecommunications standards and agreements for smart city and smart traffic construction. Launch research, development and verification for 5G-V2X standards.

(9) Building ecological systems for 5G applications. Through platforms such as 5G application industry matrices, assemble all sides including application demand, research and development, integration, capital, etc., to create smooth crucial links for the popularization of 5G applications.

Organize the third “Blossom Cup” 5G application recruitment competition, give prominence to application landing and implementation, foster innovative 5G application enterprises. So, promote the development of the 5G Internet of Things. With innovation centres, joint research and development basis, incubation platforms, demonstration parks etc., as carriers, promote the integration, application and innovation of 5G into all sectors and all areas.

III, Continuing to strengthen 5G technology research and development

(10) Strengthening research and development of 5G technology and standards. Organize the launch of 5G sector virtual private network research, development and trials, and connect key segments including standards, technology, application, deployment, etc. Therefore, accelerate the research and development of 5G application models, support at-scale pan-terminal applications in industrial protection, wearable devices, etc.

Continue to support research and development, engineering breakthroughs and industrialization in focus areas such as 5G core chips, key components, basic software, instrumentation, etc., lay down a basis for industrial development.

(11) Organizing the launch of 5G trials and verification. Basic telecommunications enterprises will further optimize 5GSA equipment purchasing trial workflows, and on the basis of the trial timetables determined in construction plans, stimulate the accelerated maturation of related equipment.

Continue to launch 5G-enhanced technology research, development and trials, organize interoperability trials for chips and systems at a broader scale, and accelerate technological and industrial maturation.

Organize the launch of millimetre wave equipment and functioning trials in integration with the progress and arrangements of the national frequency plan, and prepare for the commercial use of 5G millimetre wave technology.

(12) Enhancing the innovation support capabilities of 5G technology. Support advanced enterprises to use 5G-integrated new technologies, to forge and provide open platforms, application development environments and other such public platforms for sectoral cloud services and capabilities, encourage the establishment of related open-source communities and open-source technology bases and stimulate the innovation of open applications.

Accelerate the construction of 5G monitoring and certification platforms, enhance service capabilities in monitoring, testing, certification, etc. So, for all segments, including 5G systems, terminals, services, security, etc., and reduce enterprises’ research, development and application costs.

IV, Striving to build 5G security protection systems

(13) Strengthening security protection for 5G infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of key 5G information infrastructure security protection systems, strengthen the cybersecurity protection of new targets such as 5G core systems, network slices, mobile edge computing platforms, etc. and build structures and mechanisms for dynamic risk assessment, key equipment monitoring and certification, etc. So, research security protection guidelines and standards for typical applications and contexts.

Launch construction trials of 5G security monitoring methods, perfect security protection systems for dynamic cybersecurity sensing, threat control, incident handling, and source tracking.

(14) Strengthening 5G network data security protection. With a focus on all kinds of typical 5G technologies, the Internet of cars, the industrial Internet and other such application contexts, complete and perfect data security management structures, standards and norms. Therefore, build dynamic data security risk assessment and monitoring mechanisms for typical 5G contexts, and strengthen the operationalization of assessment results.

Rationally divide responsibilities for data security and user personal information protection among network operators, sectoral service providers, etc., clarify data security baseline requirements in the 5G environment, and strengthen supervision and law enforcement.

China Makes Plans

Promote assessment and certification of data security compliance, build and perfect technical protection systems, and realistically enhance 5G data security protection levels.

(15) Fostering a 5G cybersecurity industry ecology. Strengthen 5G cybersecurity core technology offensives and result transformation, and strengthen the provision of security services. But, forcefully move forward the construction of national cybersecurity industry parks, trials and demonstrations, accelerate the fostering of pioneering enterprises in critical segments of 5G security industry chains, stimulate the development of small and mid-size enterprises upstream and downstream in the industry, and create protection capabilities integrating key technologies, products and services.

Vigorously innovate 5G security control models, promote the construction of security control mechanisms with participation from multiple subjects, jointly driven by multiple departments, and coordinating multiple sectors.

V, Strengthening organization and implementation

(16) Strengthening organizational leadership. All work units must establish and complete organizational leadership structures, ensure all key factors well, and make accelerating the development of 5G into an important work matter to grasp. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with controlling departments such as local construction, transportation, power, healthcare and education departments, etc., and join forces to move all work concerning 5G construction and development forward.

(17) Strengthening responsibility implementation. All local controlling departments for industry and information technology, wireless management bodies, and telecommunications management bureaus must further expand work strength, timely provide all detailed support policies and measures, and ensure that all policies are implemented satisfactorily.

All basic telecommunications enterprises must give rein to their dominant role in doing all kinds of 5G work, such as research and development, trials, construction, application, security, etc., well and forcefully advance 5G construction and development.

(18) Strengthening summaries and exchange. All work unit must regularly comb through their experiences and methods, timely discover problems and insufficiencies, incessantly adjust and optimize work measures, and report relevant situations to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in a timely manner. So, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize the launch of assessments of the 5G construction and development situation in all localities and publish the relevant progress situation at an appropriate time.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

24 March 2020









How China Spends $6.4 Trillion






















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