Is China Colonial?

Is China Colonial? The difference between China and the colonial powers is extreme! Bobby Chen explains:

Apart from being the successor sovereign to post-Qing Dynasty over Tibet, China as usual did not impose Christianity, or any other religious tenet upon the natives of the autonomous region, unlike the Europeans that did. And unlike the Europeans, the Chinese did not chop-off limbs of the locals that did not obey the rules…

Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904

Is China Colonial? No, China stopped the punitive act of dismemberment and other daily atrocities practiced by the traditional theological rulers of the Tibet, including the serfdom of the theological rule itself; this became untenable for the Dalai Lama administration under the advice of CIA/Mi8 and thus led to the lifelong U.S. government-sponsored Dalai Lama exile we see today:

Tibetan serfs never forget their past: Is China Colonial?

By Chen Zonglie Co-trans: Fang Yinong, Zhang Mingyu BEIJING, June 4 (Xinhuanet) — In 1956, I was employed by the Tibet Daily as a news photographer. During those early days, I witnessed many cases in which serfs suffered indescribably heavy manual labor and untold miseries. Fifty years have passed since then and yet I still keep a fresh memory of the course of the serfs’ emancipation. Purgatory on the earth A female serf carrying a large pile of barley straw which was several times heavier than her weight. (1956) (Photo source: Once I went to cover the eastern suburbs of Tibet’s capital of Lhasa. Passing a lord’s manor, I saw a female serf who weighed about 40-odd kg carrying a pile of barley straw hood at least 100 kg and tottering by inches. However, such a scene was so common in Tibet then, where almost 95 percent means of production and subsistence were all in the hands of three lords — the government, nobles and senior lamas-who accounted for less than five percent of Tibet’s entire population. According to the code of laws in old Tibet, the society fell into three classes. Life of those of the lowest class like blacksmiths and butchers was only worth a thread of straw rope. Little serf beggar had to fight with stray dogs for food. (1956) (Photo source: Later in the same year, I encountered two child beggars fighting for food with stray dogs outside a monastery in Northern Tibet‘s Nagqu pastoral area. Both of them were Duchung, who were in the lowest position of the serfs. Influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetans always considered dogs as their friends. Some people would feed those stray dogs for some time, during which the child beggars had to wait before fighting with those dogs for the charity of the “kind-hearted.” Such a phenomenon also occurred in Tibet’s other cities or prefectures like Lhasa and Xigaze. Even so, this was not the way to live. Children or aged beggars dying a sudden death could often be seen at street corners. Particularly in winter, many vagrants would be starved or frozen to death. Every morning, the staff in the Lhasa municipal government just pushed a cart and collected those bodies like disposing of rubbish in streets. Serf Dbyangscan, escaping from Nyemotsong to Lhasa with her children, had to go begging in streets. (1959) (Photo source: Besides, feudal lords treated serfs in various brutal punishments such as eye gouging, ear/arm/feet cutting, skin peeling and tendon pulling… I had read an official document of Tibet’s local government of Gaxag, which wrote: “For the sake of chanting Buddhist scriptures on the Dalai Lama’s birthday celebration… we are in the need of a single fresh intestines, two head skulls, animal and human blood and an entire human skin. We look forward to the delivery at soon as possible.” The above-mentioned “intestines” and “skin” were both required to come from a person alive and serfs were always the victims.


And just when you think Western Judeo-Christian regiment have attained the humanity and wisdom to allow a free and independent African to progress from the terrible centuries of shame under European Christendom and colonialism… NOPE

Below: PRI link, The World, semi-progrossive/fake-progressive news under NPR syndicate presents frame-by-frame sodomizing snuffporn for Judeo-Christian nationalists exciting about the U.S./French-led hunt down of the friend of Africa; the late Col. Muammar Khadaffi.

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