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You’re welcome to contact us in Thailand any time. Just fill in the form and ask whatever comes to mind. I don’t resent people asking for help or advice. I actually enjoy it. Helping other people is satisfying and, in answering their often-amazing questions I often learn something that I can put into the next edition of the books. So it’s a win-win.

Don’t want to use the form?

Email me: godfree@thailandretirementhelpers.com
Call me in Thailand: +66-(0)88-251-7025 [early mornings and evenings are best from the US]

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Skype Me: mulgagodfree

Ways to pay

If you’re planning to use our Concierge service, you can pay your 50% deposit in many ways:
Bank of America, USA
Bangkok Bank, Thailand
NAB Bank, Australia
PayPal, Everywhere: godfree@thailandretirementhelpers.com
Let us know which one you prefer…

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