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China Makes Plans


 China Makes Plans who follow the principles of failed states and work with subordinates of failed states will themselves fail. Those who follow the principle of hegemony and work with subordinates of hegemony can themselves exert hegemony. Those who follow the principle of humane authority and work with subordinates of humane authority can attain humane authority. Xunzi.

 China Makes Plans

Our media, by claiming that China’s government is opaque, concealed its progress until we could not even compete with it. But since it is, in fact, transparent, China Makes Plans can at least prepare ourselves for what is to come.

Like Babe Ruth, the PRC has always called its shots and its track record is solid. Last week, for example, Xi reported that all critical strategic tasks–including raising wages and pensions by 50%–and all 165 projects in the current Five-Year Plan were accomplished smoothly. Here’s what they plan to accomplish in the next three decades.



Back in 1986, the PRC promised to eliminate extreme poverty and homelessness by June 1, 2021, and. When the Coronavirus shut down the country, Xi made the promise was inviolable. Sure enough, by next June, everyone[1] will own a home, have plenty of food and clothes, health insurance, free K-12 education, and a cash income.

 China Makes Plans

June 1 will mark the centenary of the founding of the CCP, the conclusion of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the end of Deng Xiaoping[2] era of Reform and Opening. It will inaugurate the 14th. Plan and the Xi Jinping era of technology-driven equitability and world leadership. To celebrate, sciences and industries will contribute achievements, including accessible vaccines; exaflop[3] computers; quantum computers 1000x faster than Google’s; and the prototype twenty-first-century city.

2020 China’s Breakout Year

Flash Gordon technology

Currently called Xiong’An New Area, the city’s Flash Gordon technology will make its. Citizens’ lives healthier, happier, and more convenient, and boost their productivity sufficiently to retire its construction bonds in twenty years. Built from scratch, with seventy per cent of its area woods and wetlands, it has the underground infrastructure and showcases China’s booming Smart City industry[4]. Citybrain fetches your self-driving electric cab, whisks you to your appointment. Signs you in at the lobby, summons your elevator and sends you to your floor. Where you are recognized at every stage.

Served by three equidistant

Served by three equidistant, international airports and dozens of rapid transit Maglev stations. Its maglev trains ensure that everyone is within fifty-five minutes of everyone else. It’s a prototype, so residence is by invitation only, and in government-owned housing. Young families will be in walking distance of schools and babysitters. When it opens on June 1, GDP will $30 trillion[5] and five new billionaires will hatch every week, the pace for the past year.


China 2025 prioritizes rural and technological development. Part of the 14th Five Year Plan, it will help double real wages by 2035:

  1. Prioritize rural development and rural revitalization.
  2. Innovate everywhere and modernize all industries to ‘best practices’ levels.
  3. Strengthen the domestic market.
  4. Build a modern society that is socialist in all respects.
  5. Use regional development and innovative urbanization to optimize China’s layout.
  6. Develop cultural industries and improve cultural soft power.
  7. Promote green development and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
  8. Continue high level, win-win opening up to the outside world.
  9. Improve everyone’s quality of life
  10. Integrate development and security for greater peace and safety
  11. Accelerate national defence modernization.

By 2025, GDP will be $38 trillion.

 China Makes Plans

Healthy China 2030

Physical fitness will be included in gaokao college entrance scores next year. Key components of Healthy China are the promotion of healthy lifestyles, physical fitness, primary health care, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. By focusing on prevention it will significantly impact many non-communicable and chronic diseases. Savings will repay the multi-billion dollar upfront investment by slashing the nation’s medical bill. The results, when packaged, will boost IP exports and deliver tangible global benefits. In 2030 Chinese life expectancy will exceed ours and GDP will be $51 trillion.

 China Makes Plans

2035: Dreams of Gini

According to a draft of the 14th Plan, national GDP per capita should match contemporary South Korea’s, Israel’s, Spain’s and Beijing’s–and Finland’s Gini Coefficient–by 2035.

The push for equitability began in 2012 when Xi. Jinping made provincial promotions dependent on their success in reducing local inequality. Because Ambitious officials have since dropped. The national Gini coefficient from 4.74 to today’s 3.81–intent on matching Finland’s 2.87 by 2035. Last month, Xi outlined a plan to halve inequality and double wages by then through “Realizing socialist modernization through a synthesis of scale, speed, quality, efficiency and safety”. GDP will be $57 trillion in 2035.

2049: All Under Heaven

By 2049, the centennial of the Republic’s founding. China will be ‘a modern socialist country, prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, and harmonious’. Think Finland with nukes, a two-million man army, and leading in every science and technology. By then, Xi’s vision of ‘a global community with a shared future for humanity’ will have altered our Westphalian conception of geopolitics[6] and GDP will be approaching $100 trillion[7].

Any Plan

China makes sound plans, invests in them, and has a solid record of realizing them. So we when not tossed by storms of our own creation, are becalmed. Unless we get our act together[8] within the next presidential term we will be irrelevant by 2030.


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  1. So, Everyone = the bottom half of the population.
  2. Although Mao admired Xi Jinping’s father, Xi Zhongxun, Deng Xiaoping was a closer friend.
  3. But, An exaFLOP is one quintillion, 1018, floating-point operations per second.
  4. Therefore,China is implementing 125 Smart Cities projects overseas.
  5. PPP. Annual GDP growth rate throughout is 6.5%.
  6. Our conception of nation-states derives from the ideologies that France, Germany, and Britain incorporated in the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.
  7. $123,000,000,000,000: China’s estimated economy by the year 2040. Be warned. Robert Fogel | Foreign Policy. Jan/Feb 2010

Advancement of Science

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, federal funding for research. But development in 2017 fell by 23.6% in real terms compared to 2007. Since 1976, federal spending on R&D has actually declined as a percentage of GDP – from 1.2% to just 0.7% this year. The Trump administration proposed cutting $360 million (a 5.3% reduction) for such support from the 2019 education budget.

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