Xi: ‘Prepare for War’

Xi: ‘Prepare for War’. Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, told the Chinese armed forces to prepare for war. The country should ”grasp the new situation and.. focus on preparing for war”. His message was rebroadcast on national TV. 

Xi’s order to the PLAN rebroadcast on national TV

The idea of nuclear-armed great powers warring is ridiculous, since ruin of at least one or both is assured. But near certain self-destruction has often fails to deter war-making when honor or ambition are involved. That’s why Xi Jinping is preparing China for war. Some recent examples of stupid wars:

  • Churchill bankrupted Britain and destroyed the Empire rather than abandon his Prime Ministerial ambitions.
  • Japans General Staff told the Cabinet that America would devastate Japan in any war. But the Japanese declared war.
  • In 2014, America overthrew the Ukraine government, intending to do the same in Russia. Xi: ‘Prepare for War’

Today both China and Russia can devastate America militarily and economically, and have support from 90% of the world’s people. In the face of almost certain destruction, will America’s oligarchs declare war rather than surrender their hegemonic delusions?

Straws in the Wind

  • Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck says Berlin will not hold back criticism of human rights violations under threat of losing business. New measures to reduce dependence on Chinese raw materials, batteries and chips will also include closer examination of investments, such as infrastructure.
  • EU President Ursula von der Leyen says that hostile powers fund institutions in Europe to propagandize from within against democracy. Earlier this year, ‘a university in Amsterdam’ closed an institute that did research into human rights with money from China, she said, work that is toxic to our democracy, and announced a package to defend democracy. [The Cross-Cultural Human Rights Center (CCHRC) is a network of universities and scientists from China, Africa and the Caribbean. Founded in Beijing in 2014, the CCHRC aims to increase dialogue on human rights among scientists from around the world. In doing so, she draws particular attention to human rights concepts and ideas that have been developed in southern countries, such as China and Africa].
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Turkey, currently a dialogue partner, aims to join the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, despite its membership in NATO. Separately, Turkey now buys Russian gas for Rubles.
  • At the urging of Indian PM Narendra Modi, SCO members are preparing a unified list of terrorist, separatist and extremist organizations whose activities are banned on their territories, after  expressed deep concern over the security threat posed by terrorism, separatism and extremism in all its forms and manifestations and strongly condemned terrorist acts around the world.
  • SCO Samarkand Declaration: Member states seek similarities and allow differences, value inclusiveness, real democracy, mutual respect, mutual prosperity, and working towards a new world order of win-win, peace and harmony, and make more money together than apart.
  • Xi: ‘Prepare for War’
  • Share of global population: SCO = 40%,  EU = 6%.
  • Share of global economy: SCO = 32%   EU = 15%

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