A Chinese Water Project

.A Chinese Water Project


The South-North Water Diversion Project is the largest engineering undertaking in human history and dwarfs. The Three Gorges Dam. Therefore, A Chinese Water Project brings water from huge southern rivers to parched northern China. So, Pumping it over mountains and through tunnels under other rivers along its route.

It’s the kind of project whose financing our media characterize. As ‘debt,’ essentially a write-off, or boondoggles like much EU and US debt. But China doesn’t do that kind of debt.

How China Spends $6.4 Trillion

China does invest and rarely does one of their projects fail to return its capital. So, many are widely profitable, this water diversion project took eight years to complete. But now earns back its entire capital investment every 24 hours.

A Chinese Water Project

The Three Gorges earns its capital back every 44 months. All the HSR lines are becoming profitable on schedule and paying off their bonds. Here’s a cost-benefit analysis of the first completed leg of the South-North Water. Diversion project:

A Chinese Water Project

Abstract⁠ [1]. The Hebei water-recipient area of the middle route project of China’s South-to-North Water. Diversion Project (SNWD Project) is located in the Haihe River Basin. Which arid and higher utilization intensity than other regions in China. So,  Surface water shortage and groundwater over-pumping caused the world’s largest underground water funnel group in the research area.

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Water supply

Water supply from the middle route of the SNWD Project. Therefore, it is of great significance to ease acute water shortage, alleviate groundwater. Over-pumping and improve groundwater quality in Hebei water-recipient area. Although the purpose of this article was to evaluate the eco-economic benefits of the delivered water. So, From the middle route of the SNWD Project to alleviate groundwater over-pumping. In Hebei water-recipient area by means of reference model method, cost-benefit method and substitute cost method. Therefore, the results of the reference model method, cost-benefit method, and substitute cost method were 5.526, 10.770 and 9.831 billion. Yuan per year the cost of delivering water. In Hebei water-recipient area was 6.592 billion Yuan per year. So, From this point of view, the middle route of the SNWD Project is very profitable. In alleviating groundwater over-pumping in Hebei Province.

1 Water supply eco-economic benefit evaluation of the middle route of south-to-north water diversion project in Hebei Water-recipient Area

Y X Wang1,2,3, L Cheng1,2, HL Tian1,2 and X H Liu1,2

1Institute of Geographic Sciences, Hebei Academy of Sciences, Shijiazhuang, 050011, China

2Hebei Engineering Research Center for Geographic Information Application, Shijiazhuang 050011, China

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