September 14, 2023

Covid Timeline total

Complete Covid Timeline 2015-2021

Complete Covid Timeline 2015-2021   Background for the complete Covid Timeline, 2015-2021: September 1943, the US Army created “Operation Capricious,” a secret biowarfare program. It was described to higher-ups as purely defensive against insect pests enemy nations might use against America by bombing America with germ-infected insects, and placed under the direction of George W. …

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China and Amnesty International

China, Xinjiang & Amnesty International A recent article by Amnesty International in these pages ‘released dozens of new testimonies from former detainees detailing the extreme measures taken by Chinese authorities since 2017 to essentially root out the religious traditions, cultural practices and local languages of the region’s Muslim ethnic groups’. China and Amnesty International Coincidentally, …

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Is China Colonial?

Is China Colonial? The difference between China and the colonial powers is extreme! Bobby Chen explains: Apart from being the successor sovereign to post-Qing Dynasty over Tibet, China as usual did not impose Christianity, or any other religious tenet upon the natives of the autonomous region, unlike the Europeans that did. And unlike the Europeans, the Chinese …

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