Day: January 19, 2021

Chinese Medical Care

Chinese Medical Care device maker’s US$2 a day heart attack risk warning system faces resistance in US. Beijing-based Lepu Medical claims that the highly accurate system, backed by the world’s largest patient data set, can offer data analytics service at just US$2 per patient over a 24-hour heart monitoring period Lepu’s subsidiary Shenzhen Carewell Electronics, …

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Mao’s Famine

MAO’S GREAT FAMINE? Starving Chinese Child, 1946, Life Magazine Part Two: Whose Famine? In 1910 Mao’s Famine a series of bad harvests in Hunan led to outbreaks of famine and some desperate Hunanese formed a group under the slogan ‘Eat Rice Without Charge’ and seized stores of rice from the wealthier farmers. Among the shipments …

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