2020 China’s Breakout Year

“If, after working at it for fifty or sixty years, you are still unable to overtake the United States, what a sorry figure you will cut! You should be read off the face of the earth. Therefore, to overtake the United States is not only possible, but absolutely necessary and obligatory. Otherwise, the Chinese nation will disappoint the world and make no contribution to humanity” Mao Zedong, 1956. Strengthen Party Unity and Carry Forward Party Traditions.” China’s economy overtook ours fifty-eight years later.


Unless we develop, China will be bullied. For us, development is the only hard truth. Deng Xiaoping to the UN General Assembly, June 1974.


A large population and underdevelopment are the two facts 2020 China’s Breakout Year have to face. Since China has 1.3 billion people, I often like to say, I often like to make a very easy but at the same time very complicated division and multiplication. That is, any small individual problem multiplied by 1.3 billion becomes a big, big problem. And any considerable amount of financial and material resources divided by 1.3 billion becomes a very low per capita level. And becomes really small. This is a reality the Chinese leaders have to keep firmly in mind at all times. PM Wen Jiabao. Remarks at Harvard University. December 11, 2003.


Socialism must be regarded as a transition from Capitalism to Communism. As such it bears within it many contradictions, many inequalities that cannot be done away with overnight or even in the course of years or decades. As long as these inequalities exist they generate privilege, individualism, careerism and bourgeois ideology. They can and do create new bourgeois individuals who gather as a new privileged elite and ultimately as a new exploiting class. Thus socialism can be peacefully transformed back into capitalism.” William Hinton[1].


China: Ten Predictions for 2021

During the Cultural Revolution, the young son of a man whom Mao imprisoned was living in China’s poorest village and, as he grew to manhood he came to understand Mao’s purpose.

Today, as President of China, he is responsible for delivering the last promises of Cultural Revolution. He was, of course, Xi Jinping.

The power of a nation-state by no means consists only in its armed forces, but also in its economic and technological resources; in the dexterity, foresight and resolution with which its foreign policy is conducted; in the efficiency of its social and political organization.

It consists most of all in the nation itself: the people; their skills, energy, ambition, discipline, initiative; their beliefs, myths and illusions. And it consists, further, in the way all these factors are related to one another. Moreover, national power has to be considered not only in itself, in its absolute extent, but relative to the state’s foreign OR imperial obligations; it has to be considered relative to the power of other states. Correlli Barnett. The Collapse of British Power


Let us ask ourselves: Have the Danes or the Italians or the French or the South Koreans, or the Chinese, or, or, or swooned into mass unemployment while failing to deliver benefits to many millions who deserve them? Have they deprived as many of health care when it is urgently needed?  did they incur unmanageable trillions in public debt? Have they given billions of dollars to corporations in no need of assistance? Do their corporations indulge in embarrassingly raw displays of greed? Are they about to begin a nationwide wave of evictions among those who cannot make the rent?

Do any of these nations now face nationwide protests over discrimination, official violence, or the grinding deprivations underlying our national discontent? This hardly bears asking. PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Failed American Experiment

Deng Xiaoping’s Reform and Opening program scheduled 2021, the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party’s founding, to be China’s breakout year. The US would no longer be able to bully her, her economy would be bigger and more robust than America’s, and her diplomatic sway would be greater.

But Covid-19 has accelerated things and 2020 will be the big year. China’s display of government effectiveness and social cohesion astonished the world and accelerated her economy while decelerated her adversaries. America’s six trillion dollar bailout will add nothing to its productive capacity while Chinas’ GDP will grow by $1.4 trillion, more than any economy in history has grown[2].

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Just as Beijing had a plan for dealing with epidemics, it also had a plan for recovering from them. Now everyone focused on successfully completing the 40-year Reform and Opening period June 1 next year. Poverty will be gone, everyone will own a home, have a guaranteed pension or income, real wages will be double their 2010 levels, three weeks paid vacation, plenty of food and clothes, medical insurance, and world-class schools[3].

That’s why 95% of them say the country’s on the right track:

2020 China's Breakout Year


The biggest problem we in the West is not fake news but fake expertise–entirely corrupted science and medicine. Which paid for years to lie about the real health and safety hazards created by uncontrolled industry and the war machine. During my adult life seeing marine projects through to delivery, counteracting fake expertise in all phases of the project was an endless battle that few stakeholders were ready to address. Some fake expertise is due to greed, others to ignorance, crude reductionist thinking and sometimes to ideology. Evan Jones 2020 China’s Breakout Year doesn’t do fake expertise. Their officials are all honest experts with decades of successful governance behind them and IQs over 140 who are good at cooperating with others. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be where they are, nor would they be having such a good year.

  1. So, Turning Point in China by William Hinton, Monthly Review Press, 1972.
  2. Therefore, Adjusted for inflation, PPP. (The US will grow $0.5 Trillion).
  3. By then, their mothers and infants will be less likely to die in childbirth, their children will graduate from high school three years ahead of ours and live longer, healthier lives and there will be more drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, hungry and imprisoned people in America than in 2020 China’s Breakout Year.

China Makes Plans

Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

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